Ballad Tours Dublin

A bards eye view of Dublin

Learn history in the best possible way, learn history through song!

The Tour

The ballad tour project is about promoting social history through song, by attending our tours you will be shown the true meaning and importance of song. Songs are magical, they not only record great and small events, they can cause great change in how people act. A great lyric can make you laugh or cry. A song can give you courage to fight, forgive or love. So attend one of our tours. Learn history in the best possible way Learn history in the best possible way through song!

Your Guide
This lively tour is sure to fire your imagination. Dublin has a long History and there is hardly an event as small as breakfast that hasn’t been remembered in some song or hilarious story. Join an esteemed balladeer who will sing of the tragedies and comedies that took place in our great town of Dublin
What You'll See
The walk will take all of one hour and a half. With Irish fiddle music, dancing and plenty of craic, story telling and just a bit of group Participation.
Discover Hidden Dublin
Hear the hidden histories behind landmark Dublin buildings, from Georgian tenements to city monuments, learn about the people who shaped what the city is today through stories that will open your eyes in a unique way.

Starting Point

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Ballad Tours Dublin from Sean Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

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